Important Information:

Even though the process of signing in to the HHH network and online subscriptions and accounts has changed for students as of September 2011, the previous way of logging into this wiki system will remain the same due to constraints of this system.

STUDENTS will continue using the old sign in scheme of:
graduation year followed by first initial last name as user name and student ID as password.
username: 14jsmith
password: 954786

Please note that most students in grades 3-12 are currently enrolled in this wiki community.
If you are a student and your log-in according to the above scheme does not work, please ask your teacher to request an account for you by contacting:

TEACHERS may continue to log in using their old log on. TEACHERS having issues or requests for help using the wiki should also contact Jolynn Sapia

Welcome to the Half Hollow Hills School District wiki community!

Faculty: Before you sign in for the FIRST time, please see Log-in Info

Students: Please use the "SIGN IN" link at the top right corner of this page to access the HHH wiki server.
  • Once you are logged in successfully, you will see a link called "My Wikis" in the top right menu-- click there to view all wikis of which you are a member and click on the one you would like to access.
  • If you are logged in and would like to create a new wiki, you will see a link called "Make a New Wiki" in the left navigation pane.

*All Half Hollow Hills wiki users are bound by the Half Hollow Hills Internet Use Agreement and are expected to use this wiki in an appropriate manner, for educational and curriculum purposes only.
Administration reserves the right to delete any inappropriate material at any time.